How To Apply For Indian Visa To Travel To India?

Tour to India should be the part of every traveller’s travel bucket. India is a magnificent and unique travel destination that has a lot to offer to the travellers. Here you will find incredible sights and plenty to discover. India has set up stringent requirements when it comes to acquiring Indian visa which is pretty hard to obtain if you do not know the procedure. You already know that Indian Ministry of External Affairs issues visas to the foreign nationals who visit India. On arrival to the Indian subcontinent, no visa will be available. You need to do everything beforehand. You may apply for Indian visa online and download the application form.

Applying for the Indian visa

There are Indian Missions abroad who are involved in issuing visas to the foreign travellers. The person applying for the visa needs to make a nominal payment which is non-refundable. As the borders of the nations get more porous, it is very important to verify the documents and credentials of a foreign traveller who visits India. Each country has its immigration authority to validate the verification of credentials of a foreign traveller. The applicant’s passport should bear a stamped certificate which is the visa. You may either download the application form online or collect that from the High Commission or Indian Embassy where you reside. If you belong to countries like Bangladesh or Pakistan, your visa form will be much different from that of the visa form for other nationals. Apart from this, if you are the person of Indian origin, again the form will vary.

Common Questions about the ESTA Travel Visa

esta travel visaIndividuals who are attempting to travel into the United States under the visa waiver program, regardless of whether it is for business or for tourism may also need to have obtained an electronic system for travel authorization (ESTA) official approval prior to the time that they travel. This is for individuals who are staying in the United States for 90 days or less and have not first obtained an actual visa. They also need to meet specific requirements.

First of all, it is necessary for individuals to be traveling for specific purposes in order to apply for and successfully be accepted to the visa waiver program. These are the individuals who would also need to obtain authorization through an ESTA travel visa. Some of those include individuals who are simply passing through the United States on the way to Canada or Mexico.

It may also be possible to enter the United States under the visa waiver program if you are here to attend certain types of conferences, such as educational, business or scientific. Short-term training travelers may also be approved, as are those who are simply in the country to talk to a business associate or negotiate a contract.

If you are traveling for vacation, it may also be possible for you to be accepted under the visa waiver program. Those who are visiting with relatives or friends, seeking medical treatment or touring the country are examples of those who are acceptable. In addition, you may be able to enter into the United States on the visa waiver program if you are an amateur musician or and are participating in those types of events or if you are here for a social or fraternal organizational participation.

There are also certain types of travel reasons why you may not be able to enter into the United States under an ESTA travel visa. This will include individuals who are entering America to work on the job, even if it is for a duration of 90 days or less. Those who are becoming a permanent resident may also qualify, as are those who are here to study for credit.

Any questions that you may have in regards to the visa waiver or ESTA program should be discussed with someone who understands the process prior to the time that you fill out the paperwork. When you are able to do so properly and understand what is behind it, you have a greater chance for success.…

Indian Online Visa Application – How to do It?

India is the second country with the most population worldwide and Indian passport and visa authorities need to address the idea that e-visa would be beneficial to cater their great number of applicants.

An e-visa or electronic travel authority is a tourism and travel visa application for non-Indian citizens to visit India. It is an electronic way to avail visa with no seal or official stamp appearing on the passport of the applicant.

To apply for an Indian e-visa, one should know that no agency or other intermediary party is needed. This disclaimer can be seen on the home page of the official Indian online visa portal.

The Indian e-Visa has three categories, these are:

1. E-Tourist visa is designed for applicants who intend to visit India for vacation.

2. E-Business visa – is for those who are engaged in business and are not citizens of India.

3. E-Medical visa is designed for non-Indian citizens who are in need of medical services in the country.

Foreigners and non-resident of India can get visa and visit India under these three categories.

Like every other country, eligibility for an Indian e-visa is dependent on certain parameters preset by the Indian authorities. For example, because of the treaty between India and these two countries – Nepal and Bhutan, there citizens can enter India without getting visas.

The processing fee for obtaining an Indian e-visa is specific to country or territory; there is no centrally determined amount. Bank transaction fees of 2.5% are added to whatever amount is charged as e-visa fee which is paid by the applicant and these fees must have been paid at least four days before the expected travel date failing which the visa would not be processed. Make sure finances should be taken care of during application since these fees are non-refundable.

Indian e-visas usually have a validity of 60 days which starts counting from the day the visa holder arrives in India. For e-Medical category visa holder, triple entry is allowed and for e-Tourist and e-Business only double entry is allowable.

Getting an Indian visa online is one of the easier visa processes in the world as there is lots of information on the internet for would-be applicants. Through getting into the official e-visa website, you can find all the necessary information for e-visa application.

What Is Required If You Are A Foreign National

The foreign national who wishes to visit India must have the passport of the parent country, a valid Indian visa. You may apply at the High Commission abroad where the terms of entry and visa fees are subject to the discretion of High Commission. Immigration laws apply to you when the visa is issued. The ones who belong to Nepal or Bhutan, they do not require a visa.

Steps to applying for Indian visa

You may now apply for the visa online by filling up the online application form. Different agencies have different rules and regulations. In broader terms, you need to fill the form, enter all your relevant personal details along with the arrival date, name of the airport, the full name, the passport number, date of birth and nationality. The personal information you enter on the form must tally with the information on your passport. After this, you will be redirected to the payment page where you will be asked to pay government fee and service charge fee. You may use your debit card or credit card to make the payment. After the payment is made, you will get a confirmation email regarding the confirmation of visa order. An email will be sent to your registered email address speaking about the important documents required.

The email for Indian visa will be sent in 5 working days. After you send all the relevant documents, the visa will be sent to your email. When checking in the airport, you may present your visa to be stamped by Indian Immigration Officers.